Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cheap and Cheerful

We have been working hard to prepare for two business events this week – a house party in Jerusalem and a UK trip. It has been hard to firm up the plans and make up the products as well as keep my 9 month old entertained.

She is at the stage where she wants to involve me in everything she does - eat, sleep, play; they all need assistance, support or praise, preferably all three. She needs constant stimulation and without attention she is off causing trouble; touching the television buttons, pulling books off low shelves, investigating the contents of the rubbish bin; crawling under the table then sitting up and banging her head.... she is trouble with a capital T.

These days I have discovered the best toys for a curious toddler. I have a pile of colourful, educational toys to teach her hand/eye co-ordination, pre-reading skills, movement control etc. etc. However, by far her favourite toys are the things I keep by the rubbish bin, ready to throw out – empty plastic bottles, empty cereal boxes, plastic packaging etc. She loves the feel of them, the noises they make, rolling, throwing, playing with them.

I have resorted to getting a cardboard box and have filled it with cleaned out packaging. Forget the expensive and the impressive; the cheap and familiar is what keeps my daughter amused these days.

Sharona B