Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Round of Applause

Purim is approaching. The kids have their costumes, various noisy instruments and our mishloach manot are slowly coming together.

As you may know, when we read the Megillah we are obligated to understand the story of Purim in both a historical and modern context. In every generation there are those, like Haman, who seek our demise. It struck me as a little ironic that Haman and Hamas, separated by just a letter and by many centuries, both have the same ideology.

Again, in Israel, we live in difficult times. Much hostility surrounds us, from local and afar; both blatant and concealed. May we learn from events past and present to steer our path towards a more a peaceful existence.

On a lighter note, we had much excitement in our house this week; two ‘firsts’ for the baby inside of a week – our little one can now clap and wave (although not together!). She is so proud of her new accomplishments. The other day she started crying because I had taken the liberty of sneaking off to do some work and was not attending to her every whim. This I am sure is not so unusual but the strange result on this occasion was a red, teary face and indignant sobs, accompanied by her still proudly clapping her hands!!

Chag Purim Sameach - Happy Purim

Sharona B