Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lights Out!!

We get power cuts on a regular basis in Israel. Living where we do, the power cuts are even more frequent.

Normally they only last a few minutes but on Friday afternoon it lasted a few hours. At first we just took a break from our Shabbat preparations; had a drink, a snack and waited for the return of the hum of the fridge. We waited and waited… but no hum, no light, no electricity.

During the outage our little one wandered into the laundry room and poked about near the washing machine. I wasn’t unduly worried but had forgotten that the safety features on the machine are controlled by electricity. Thus, on this occasion, she was actually successful at opening the washing machine door. The machine had come to an abrupt halt mid cycle and promptly poured a drum full of water over her legs and feet. She didn’t cry but had a perplexed look upon her face. I arrived on the scene, scooped her up and began the process of mopping up the leak.

Time passed by. Shabbat was coming closer. Luckily we had already prepared most of our Shabbat food for both Friday night and Saturday. However, the Friday night chicken was still uncooked and in the fridge. We began to think, ‘what if..?’ and started considering alternatives to the Friday night chicken.

However, just in the nick of time the house buzzed with the return of electricity; the phone beeped, the lights came on and the fridge positively purred with delight. Friday night chicken was back on the menu!

Sharona B