Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Fitting Celebration

We went to a Bat Mitzvah this week. The Israeli Bat Mitzvahs I have been to have all been such joyous affairs. The girls learn Israeli dancing at school and it is lovely to see them all, holding hands and dancing in unison. The dancing is traditional and so graceful to watch.

Many of the parties I have been to in Israel have been home catered with friends supplying dishes to contribute. These parties all have a more intimate feel to them and the food is always delicious. It is a much warmer, simpler, less shallow way to celebrate and makes the focus the occasion itself rather than the catering/venue/DJ etc. It seems to me to be a very fitting way to welcome a girl into womanhood and to demonstrate proper values which will stand her in good stead throughout her adult life.

The baby enjoyed herself at the party as there was a never ending stream of teenage girls to carry her around and make a fuss over her. She looked lovely in her little summer frock, a far cry from the look she displayed earlier on in the day.

She is just constant trouble at the moment. She scavenges through the rubbish bin, empties out my cupboards, throws the laundry all over the floor etc.

In the morning I left her playing with a pile of toys and went to do some work on the computer. My older children were getting ready for school and half keeping an eye on her. I suddenly heard my son yell out and rushed to see what had happened. There stood the baby; the contents of a tub of zinc cream smeared all over her face and hair, covering both her hands up to her wrist and spread all down one side of the leather sofa. She stood there, wide-eyed, with her arms stretched outwards.

Half of me wanted to take a photo to record this ridiculous sight but the sensible side of me rushed over and started to clean off the cream. She was upset. The cream is water resistant and hard to remove. Her eyes stung and she suddenly felt very uncomfortable. It took a while, but we managed to de-cream both her and the sofa.

I guess that’s one more story for the baby book!

Sharona B