Saturday, June 14, 2008

An Extra Packet of Pretzels

It’s strange how things work out. Just before Shabbat I was in the supermarket getting a few last minute bits and pieces. I was at the till when my neighbor said hello and mentioned that the pretzels in my basket were on offer – two for a cheaper price. I said I only wanted one packet but noticed she had a packet in her trolley too. I reached over and put her packet through the checkout so that we made the most of the offer. There followed the charade of her trying to throw a few shekels to me and me refusing. Finally she said that she was going to get a second packet as she had decided she wanted two anyway! In the end she bought another two and I kept my two and we laughed about all the confusion. I didn’t think too much more about the incident.

We had friends from the UK staying this Shabbat and the Rabbi had agreed with my husband that it would be nice to have a kiddish after shul. However, during the week my husband didn’t think to remind the Rabbi, and the Rabbi, who had a particularly busy week, unfortunately forgot.

When my husband got to shul he noticed the fridge was bare but also saw that a few extra people had come to shul, expecting a kiddish. He dispatched my son home to me to see what could be done. I rustled together all sorts of nibbly bits from my cupboards… including the extra packet of pretzels!

It’s a funny old world!

Sharona B