Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Glowing Lag B'Omer

My son is one of those boys who loves dirt. He goes out clean and returns full of stains and interesting aromas. He always has bruised legs, an untucked shirt and disheveled hair. I send him out perfectly clean but this is how he always returns. Can you imagine how much fun Lag B’Omer is to a boy like him? The lure of the light and smell of a bonfire?

The excitement grew over the last few days, with the collection of sticks, branches and all things wooden, which were duly deposited on the site of the bonfire. On the night of Lag B’Omer he went over to some friends who had a bonfire by their house. He came back at various points during the evening, each time a little blacker but happier. They had been throwing sticks in the bonfire, toasting marshmellows and enjoying the heat, smoke and excitement of the experience

My daughter was celebrating with some of her friends. Both came home smelling like bonfires and were dispatched to the shower immediately.

During the evening, with the baby safely tucked up in bed, I went out to the bottom of the garden and looked down the hill. I was greeted by the site of sporadic orange glows. I breathed in the sweet, night air, tinged with the aroma of fire. Lag B’Omer in Israel feels like a true celebration and has certainly ingrained lasting, happy memories for my children.

This week the baby, now nearly one, has been practicing all her new tricks. She has recently started to walk a little. When she stands up now and takes a few steps, she immediately claps herself, obviously very proud of her newest achievement. Unfortunately as soon as she does this she looses her balance and slumps to the ground. She has also started to play ‘peekaboo’ with my hat and play her little xylophone. It is a lovely age.

Sharona B